Alamogordo Public Schools hosted their second Alamo Educate and Innovate Teaching a Learning Conference. The educators conference included an inspiration keynote by Eric Sheninger, and participated in breakouts to promote teaching and learning strategies for the classroom.

The Alamogordo Action Team excitedly donated t-shirts for the conference and spent the afternoon at the conference sharing the Alamogordo Adventures for Life Brand with teachers, including educators new to the area, as well as the current Alamogordo Winter Adventures Challenge. There was a great response to the challenge, with some teachers taking large stacks of challenge cards to share with their classrooms.

It was a treat to see so many folks sharing the brand, by wearing their Alamogordo shirts and sharing their experience participating in the Summer Adventures Challenge. They also hosted a post-conference contest!

Folks who attended the conference have the chance to win one of many cool Ed Tech tools or prizes from local sponsors. Keep an eye out for entries wearing their Alamogordo Adventures for Life t-shirt and venturing out in Alamogordo. They’ll share their adventure on social media using hashtags #AlamoEI2020 and #AdventuresForLife.

It is truly exciting to see these educators choosing to live and work in Alamogordo, expanding their knowledge of teaching techniques and education, and going out to sharing how Alamogordo offers Adventures For Life!