Adventures Action Team

Come Join the Adventure!

The Adventures Action Team is a volunteer group open to all residents, businesses and organizations with a desire to make Alamogordo a great place to live, work, play & stay and promote the new “Adventures for Life” brand.

Adventures Action Team goals:
  • Enhance the Alamogordo “Adventures” experience
  • Promote what makes Alamogordo unique.
  • Create a network of community ambassadors
  • Market together with a unified voice and message to attract new residents, businesses and visitor

You are invited to the next Adventure Action Team Meeting!

Tuesday, October 16th from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

  • Location: First National Bank Atrium
  • Lunch will be sponsored by First National Bank

Let’s put our talents to work to discover new ways to create everyday life adventures for residents, businesses and visitors!

Sign up to be notified about the next meeting & to be on our email list here:

Adventures Action Team Signup