Alamogordo Achievements

Miss New Mexico 2019

Misa Tran found her love for pageants when she was just in 8th grade, and this year she achieved the goal of a lifetime when she was crowned Miss New Mexico. Ms. Tran’s family was military, and moved around quite a bit before settling in Alamogordo, where she was able to grow up in a place she describes as “wonderful.”

Misa participated in ballet, hip hop, and other forms of dance before she was drawn to pageants. During her freshman year of high school, she competed in Miss America’s Outstanding Teen program, the “little sister” of Miss America. In addition to pageants, Misa focused on her studies and was able to attend NMSU in Las Cruces where she is currently a full time student.

She competed in Miss New Mexico this year for the first time and took home the crown! In addition to the Miss New Mexico title, she received $3000 in scholarship funds and will get the chance to compete in the Miss America 2020 pageant. I asked her what she plans to use her platform for and the answer was multifold. “I am incredibly excited to grow this organization…I want to give other girls the opportunity to pursue their career and higher education through these scholarships.” She plans to help expand the program further north and south, and into more rural areas and smaller cities in New Mexico.


The Miss America program requires each contestant to work on a Social Impact Initiative. Ms. Tran will be working with veterans through her program, Veterans: Home is where the Heart Is. “I want to honor and serve our veterans and their families. That’s something that I experienced growing up and know how hard it can be, everyone in a military family serves in someway, shape, or form, and I want to be able to serve them, too.”

She also spends time visiting with the kids at the UNM Children’s Hospital. “Those kids are so special. They bring so much love and light into people’s lives.” She does all this while maintaining a full time student course load at NMSU!


To celebrate her good work and achievements, and to wish her luck in the Miss America pageant, there will be a send off party at the Flickinger Center on November 30. Open to the public, there will be tons of entertainment, including Misa’s Miss America talents and pageant dress, as well as other performers. The event is free, but donations will be accepted towards Ms. Tran’s travel and expenses while on the road for Miss America.


Misa is excited for the opportunity to “build those bonds with 50 other girls from across the nation” at the Miss America pageant, but she also has strong feelings for the place she was raised. “This is my home. This is what I know and what I love. Alamogordo is where I was raised and it’s what made me who I am today.” Who she is today is an accomplished, dedicated, and caring young woman, and we want to wish her good luck in the Miss America 2020 Pageant!

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