Alamogordo Achievements

Alamogordo Summer Adventures Challenge Achievement

The Alamogordo Summer Adventures Challenge just ended, and wow was it a hit! All summer long, residents and tourists to Alamogordo have been able to pick up a Challenge card at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center and have a 25 stop itinerary laid out before them. Not only did the Challenge card lay out 25 great places to visit here in Alamogordo; participants who got their card stamped in at least 10 locations were rewarded with Alamogordo hats, t-shirts, polo shirts, and more… and even got entered to win 2 Grand Prizes! A $300 Cloudcroft Lodging Gift Certificate or a Laser Tag Battle at Rocket City Family Fun Center. The winners will be announced on September 9th. Check back here to see who won!

This Summer Adventure Challenge was much more than a simple contest with prizes. It opened up a whole new world of fun for many people, residents and tourists alike! Over 100 groups turned in their completed cards, but nearly eight thousand cards were picked up by individuals, groups, and families, looking for something fun to do this summer.

AJ Smith, of Precure Chiropractic, just moved to Alamogordo with her family from South Bend, Indiana. In addition to their excitement about the beautiful New Mexican weather they had just inherited, AJ was thrilled to find a Summer Adventures Challenge card. She said her family was “new to the area and we were trying to find things to do here in Alamogordo, and finding that little brochure was so beneficial to us. …it really made a difference in us knowing what kind of activities are going on for us to go and enjoy and experience.” While they didn’t participate in the contest, they simply used it as a guide to get to know their new home town.

Katelyn of McGinn’s Pistachioland noted that traffic was steady all summer and that “People are really discovering different parts of Alamogordo because of it.” Skyla Hernandez, life long resident of Alamogordo, was surprised when she saw all of the activities laid out in one place. “I’ve lived here all my life, and haven’t even been to all of these places!” Even a group of 60 Girl Scouts from out of town got in on the fun, all turning in their Challenge cards and bringing their new Alamogordo t-shirts back to their home town.

Even more than stirring up excitement for one summer, this Adventures Challenge has enlightened so many people to all the fun and unique activities around here: from tasting the pistachio ice cream at Heart of the Desert, to seeing the Sun in a new way up at Sun Spot Observatory, to sliding down the glistening gypsum dunes at White Sands National Monument, to a day of learning at the local library, there is so much to do here!

Gone are the days when someone can shrug and say “There’s nothing to do here in Alamogordo.” But if they do, just hand them an Adventures Challenge card and open their eyes!

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