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100 Women Who Care was started by Karen Dunigan in Michigan in 2006. Her idea was simple but effective: a group of 100 women would get together, each writing a check for $100, thus raising $10,000 for charity in a single night. At the first meeting, that group of women were able to provide the funds for a local organization to buy 300 baby cribs. And so a movement was born.

In June of 2017, Renee French of Alamogordo, decided to form a chapter here in her home town. “I first heard about 100 Women Who Care (100 WWC) from a friend Michelle Brideaux… I was fascinated by the simplicity and effectiveness of this organization.” She registered the local chapter with the 100 WWC Alliance and enlisted the help of Robin French and Tina Martinez to get it off the ground. Her daughters also helped to spread the word online; they built a website, blasted it on social media, and pretty soon had 111 women registered to be part of it all.

The meetings are “brilliantly simple,” as Renee puts it. Each member can nominate one charity per quarter. Once all the nominations are in, 3 are drawn randomly. Those 3 charities then get to present to the group, and are voted on at the end of the meeting. The meeting usually takes an hour, and the women all write their checks directly to the winning charity at the end of the night, often raising over $10,000!

The local chapter of 100 WWC is unique, in that it allows women to form teams. So a single woman can pledge $100, but a group of two women can do $50 each, and so on. “We are one of the few chapters who allow teams to share the donations expense, but we felt it was important that everyone who wanted to be involved, no matter their financial situation should be able to be a part of this movement.”

And what a movement it is! So far the local 100 WWC chapter has donated over $101,000 to local non profits. With meetings each quarter, you can bet that number will keep increasing. One of Renee’s favorite things about the way this fundraising works is how efficient and speedy it all is. The $101,000 that has been donated was all raised at just 9 meetings, or 9 hours total fundraising time. Now that’s fast!

The latest recipient was the Children’s Musical Theater of Alamogordo, and the next meeting will be held at Rocket City Family Fun Center on November 4th, 2019. You can learn more about this incredible organization here.

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